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Caring for Your Automatic Transmission

When a transmission fails in a car or truck, it can be inconvenient, frustrating…and costly. The primary reason is that the automatic transmission is perhaps one of the most complex systems in a vehicle.

Proper maintenance is absolutely critical – especially when subjecting your car or truck to the road conditions prevalent in the Dallas – Fort Worth Metroplex.

The best way to prevent damage to your automatic transmission is through periodic flush and refill of the automatic transmission fluid and change of the filter.

Driving conditions in the Dallas area are simply brutal.  Stop and go traffic, extreme heat and towing are the three biggest risk factors that lead to the need for transmission repairs.

It is recommended for most vehicles that the transmission fluid be flushed and refilled every 30,000 miles – with some newer vehicles suggesting every 100,000. However, we recommend that you have a reliable transmission expert check the condition and levels of the transmission fluid at least every 10,000 miles.  A transmission fluid check is the most cost-effective method for avoiding costly transmission repairs.

If in doubt, stop by Transmission Depot of Dallas and we’ll take a look at your transmission just to make sure it is properly maintained.

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