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Signs That Your Vehicle May Have Transmission Problems

Transmission problems reveal themselves in a variety of ways. Each symptom may have a number of possible causes- some requiring extensive (and sometimes expensive) repairs while others need only an adjustment or minor repair service.

If any of the issues below are among those you are experiencing you should seek a the assistance of an experienced transmission repair shop so as to minimize the expense of repairing your transmission.

Does Your Vehicle Have Any of These Symptoms?

Noticeable Leaking Fluids–Fresh fluid stains under the vehicle are an obvious sign that something is wrong.

Engine Light On–Dashboard light prompts you to “Check Engine” or “Service Engine Soon”.

Sluggish starts–When the vehicle is cold, it won’t move, or it shifts late during the first few minutes of operation until it warms up.

Slipping–Engine revs at a high RPM, but vehicle moves slowly or won’t accelerate as it used to.

Stalling–Vehicle stalls or labors on takeoff.

Strange Noises–Clicking, knocking, screeching, buzzing, whistling, clanking, or grating noises. Unusual sounds can come from anywhere in your car and may include a hum or low whine.

No Go–You place the shift lever in Drive and nothing happens. Even revving the engine does nothing.

No Reverse–Vehicle doesn’t move when shift lever is placed in Reverse.

Loss of Power–During acceleration gear won’t engage, and there’s no surge of power when you press the pedal to the floor.

Erratic or Improper Shifting— Early or late shifting is a definite sign of transmission problems.

Shift Handle Stuck/Sticks–Shift handle is hard to move into or out of any position.

Vehicle Moves (or Jerks) in Park or Neutral— May be when you first start the car or before you turn it off

Strange Smell–Burnt or rancid odor is coming from under the hood or underneath vehicle.  May be accompanied by smoke.

Shift Indicator Off–The indicator must be slightly off (P) or (N) to start the car. The shift indicator doesn’t point to the proper setting.

Metal Shavings or Debris (Inspection Required) -Inspection or transmission service reveals excessive amounts of debris in the transmission pan.  This is perhaps the scariest of all symptoms because it is an indication that the gears within the sealed transmission system are grinding themselves into complete failure.

If you have – or think you have – any of these symptoms, please call us NOW.  At Transmission Depot of Dallas we specialize in diagnosing transmission problems – big or small.

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