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Why does it cost so much to have my automatic transmission repaired?

Repairing an automatic transmission is not as simple as changing the spark plugs or replacing a timing belt. Automatic transmissions in today’s vehicles- particularly those with front wheel drive technology or computerized systems – are very complex systems.

There are over 3000 parts in today’s average automatic transmission in a vehicle.

The parts for some late model imports can cost ten times as much as parts for older, larger cars due to the increase in sophistication and computerization.

Diagnosing your cars transmission to determine what’s wrong often calls for major procedures included opening up the transmission.

In smaller cars the manufacturer has tightly packed different mechanical systems on top of and around each other requiring significantly more time which translates typically into higher labor costs.

With such complex units, preventative maintenance and regular service is the key to keeping repair costs down.

To help head off major transmission problems, we recommend you have your transmission serviced at least every 12,000 miles.  This typically includes having an automatic transmission fluid flush service.

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